Restoration of Daisy

Adventurous Quilter
Some followers may remember about 3 weeks ago I found Daisy a vintage Elgin knee operated cabinet sewing machine in an antique store for $38.50. She was looking a little worse for wear but I still adored her:

 My father in-law Peter is visiting us from Australia at the moment and he suggested this product as a quick easy way to get Daisy looking a little less shabby:

 So today I finally found the time to carry Daisy out to my balcony and give her a rub down to refresh her veneer so she can be as beautiful a sewing machine as she should be, here she is a work in progress as she dries:

I am no woodworker and I am not going to spend a fortune restoring my bargain finds either, since I love them the way they are, but this quick easy stain/polish made Daisy look loved again which is wonderful.

Adventurous Quilter

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