Thrifty Thursday

 As many of you know my current WIP is a quilt made from shirts I bought at thrift stores, this is the basket of shirts washed, dried and ready to cut:

And this is how it is turning out so far:

While I was shopping for those shirts I got carried away and I have two more quilts worth of shirts to do as well!

But it isn't just my recent discovery of and obsession with Bonnie Hunter (the scrappy quilting queen) and her scrappy quilting influence that has got me reusing and up-cycling clothing.

This was something I did a few months ago:

I had this old corduroy jacket I got from a thrift store in Australia when I was still living there, I bought it because I loved the lining fabric! So when I started a quilt a few months ago that was predominantly brown florals I was eager to cut that jacket up at last, this is the fabric I got from that jacket:

And this is one of the hexagon patches in my half hexagon quilt that uses the fabric:

I am extremely happy with the quilt and sooo pleased I finally cut up that ugly coat to retrieve the fabric lining.

The corduroy will be used at some point on other projects in particular I am eager to try making one of these hats, I have about 4 but I live in them during winter here in Colorado, so it could be fun to make some, and the corduroy is the perfect scrap fabric to try it out on!

I also buy a lot of thrift store fabrics:

and have recently purchased a pattern by Amy Butler

I am eager to start cutting into that thrift store stash to make some of these great bags!

Adventurous Quilter


  1. I love that lining fabric. And your hexi quilt was one of my absolute favorites from the quilt along. Another one of those is on my to-do list. So easy to do thank to Polly's great instructions!

    Our local thrift store is pretty small - but occasionally they do get some fabric in. I've gotten several good pieces there over the past few months. I love the shirt idea though, I could certainly do that. I'll keep that in mind for a project for after the holidays. Right now I have about 20 things I want to do, and time enough to do about two of them! :-)

    1. That's what I think I find addictive about thrift shopping - you don't always find something, so when you do it is exciting :) I know what you mean about having 20 things you want to do and not enough time to do them!

  2. You always fine such great fabrics and other things on your Thrifty Thursdays! You're going to have to take me along with you one of these Thursdays!

    1. Definitely Tami! When we finally get around to going to Wooden Spools together we will check out some thrift stores as well.

  3. That fabric with the deer on it is from Ikea, I have some and made one of my daughters a pillow for her bed out of it!

    1. Yeah that Ikea fabric is perfect for the sling bag, but I will have to fussy cut it so I get the deer on my bag!!

  4. I met up with my brother who has just returned to the UK for good after living in Kuwait for over 25 yeers, as he is now retired he has lots of cotton shirts and silk ties he no longer needs so I have begged them off him, can`t wait to see what I get.

    1. That is exciting Margaret, I am eager to get into my mum and dad's wardrobes and cut some stuff up, mum almost never throws anything out so she has decades of fabric history in her wardrobe LOL. I'd love to see a pic of your shirts and ties when you get them :)


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