Pattern test #2

I am making a quilted pillowcase for my brother for Christmas to test my VW beetle block design updates. It is safe to assume my brother does NOT read this blog LOL!

So here is the top of the pillowcase ready to quilt:

The plaid fabric is actually one of the thrift store shirts I bought for my Bonnie Hunter Shirttails quilt but it was the perfect color for this project so I stole it from the WIP pile :)

My brother actually owned a VW beetle this beige color when he was a teenager and he is a VW fanatic, so I think he will appreciate this gift. We don't usually exchange Christmas gifts but this time I can't help myself!

I think my VW beetle pattern is past the edit point and into the 'I really must get the PDF ready and list it in a craftsy store' phase!!! How exciting my first pattern design is almost ready!!!!

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