Thrifty Thursday

I had this wonderful pile of corduroy in my fabric closet:

Some followers may remember when I cut up this jacket to retrieve the lining fabric which I loved:

I ended up with two piles of fabric the lining which got used in my half hexagon brown quilt for the Pieces by Polly QAL and the corduroy was the outer fabric from the jacket.

I spent some time yesterday making a hat out of this corduroy, I used this youtube video and pattern: I had never done this before, so the hat is a little too snug for my liking and I am not sure the shape is quite right for my head so I will have to try designing a similar pattern based on the hats I already own and I will be making another one in a larger size soon because I have enough fabric left over to try again.

 I also didn't like the way the band was attached so I will change that method for hat number two. But all in all it was a success I think.

Adventurous Quilter

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