Adventurous piecing...

This is me with Delilah my beloved VW Beetle:

I love foundation paper piecing and have wanted to learn to design paper pieced quilt blocks for a while now, so of course Delilah was my inspiration for the first PP quilt block design I have ever made!

The pattern for Delilah the VW Beetle is working well, I have made some changes to the pattern after making this test:

I have changed two or three of the sections to make it easier to put together. There were 47 pieces and 11 sections in this Delilah plus appliqued wheels! With the changes, the pattern now has 46 pieces & 12 sections but should be a lot easier to piece, test number two will be done next week hopefully as I am making it into a cushion cover as a Christmas gift.

This is how she now looks with wheels:

The block is 12" x 24"

This is the hippie themed fabric I got at Walmart last week to make the quilt:

I would never have known that you could get so many hippie themed fabrics if my blogging buddy Val ( hadn't sent me some peace signs fabric and said she got them at Walmart recently when we did our eye spy charm square swap! So I went hunting at a couple of local Walmarts and not only found the peace symbols but Kombi vans!!!!

This may be time consuming but I quite enjoy it and love the block so far. I have no idea what the finished quilt will look like though, that part of the design hasn't popped into my brain yet LOL.

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