Wow amazing what you can do in half a day!

I didn't know how to design paper piecing patterns yesterday morning when I got out of bed. Now I do! It is amazing what a bit of internet searching and playing with software can achieve!

I googled how to design paper piecing blocks and found this free software:

Then I scanned in an image of a VW and imported that into the program. I know I never seem to try new things with easy patterns!! A glutton for punishment I guess LOL

So here it is many hours later during the design process:

The pattern has already changed slightly from what you see in these images because there is lots of editing required to get this to be a practicable design.

The wheels will be appliqued on once the block is pieced.

It is such a wonderful feeling to create something from scratch, this could get addictive.

This pattern is for a 12" block so if I can get it to work, it will be the centerpiece of a 'hippie' themed quilt.
And I may even consider selling the pattern, wow that sounds weird, making money quilting LMAO. And giving it away to my beta testing quilt buddies LOL.

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