At the beginning of summer on July 10th  I did a 10 things this summer list, here is the link:

How did I go in the last 4mths achieving it all lets see:

  1. Take a quilting class - I have now take 3 since then!
  2. Read a Jennifer Chiaverini book - no but I have read 2 other quilting novels and 2 humorous quilt anecdote books and Jennifer is next on my list!
  3. Start a crazy quilt - I gave up after one time consuming block but will try again some time!
  4. Keep up with the Quilting Gallery's A4A QAL - I did and the quilt top is basted ready for FMQing!
  5. Explore a quilt shop I have never been to, I did that on my holidays in Glenwood Springs as well as on a day trip to Grand Lake.
  6. Start my Wizard of OZ quilt - Fail, still in the tub!
  7. Start on my husbands cycling inspired quilt - fail, it is still in the tub!
  8. Finish Log Cabin Batik quilt - still a WIP! In fact a barely started wip I may give up on and use the fabric for something else, just too much boring repetition for me and I am a bit sick of batiks (sorry I know that is quilting's version of blasphemy)
  9. Finish my patriotic American Quilt - Fail but the new plan is to finish it before 4 th July 2014
  10. Read all my quilt magazines - DONE!
So I achieved 4 out of 10 but I made some fun stuff in between like these:

So I think starting new projects on a whim is okay because you never know which ones will be your best yet or better still your favorite!

Lists have their place though to help keep the WIPS from piling up too high so a 10 things this winter list is coming soon, but FUN is the main thing. 

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