Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilting begins!

After many weeks of anticipation Bonnie released clue number one on Friday for the new quilt Celtic Solstice. Last night I finally found an hour to begin cutting:

I have cut all the orange and neutral triangles and made a few test blocks, but I still have a LOT of blue triangles to cut!!!

My lack of organization means that the abomination of a mess under my ironing board is now even worse because I have been digging in it for orange, blue and neutral LOL. Things can only get worse!

And my scrap bin was overflowing before I started the mystery so these scraps are sending it over the edge! I had started cutting them up last week but life got busy, can't imagine what it would look like otherwise! And it was empty about a month ago, so that is only a month's scraps! Thank goodness for the scrap users system, so I can cut them and use them otherwise i'd be drowning in scraps in my small sewing room. Actually that black and white piece isn't even a scrap I must have moved it aside onto my scraps to make space and it is quickly getting buried LOL.... Okay I rescued it ;P

We are using Tri Recs ruler tools for this project so I started a Flickr page for Tri Recs projects so that we can share ideas about how to use them in the future:
Anyone is welcome to join, whether you have used or plan to use your Tri Recs hopefully we'll inspire one another.

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