Another finish!

I am loving my commitment to finish UFOs and WIPs for all of January and February! My sewing room is so much less cluttered already and we are only 3 weeks into a 2 month commitment. I started this cushion cover about 8 weeks ago and didn't get the front finished let alone get the cover made! But now it is completed:

I used a zipper on the back this time and it is probably the first time in 15 years I have sewn in a zipper LOL, but I figured I had better remind myself how since making more cushion covers for the couch is a 2014 goal for me.

So it is on the couch and I was using it last night:

I love the colors, some of the fabrics are scrappy pieces that my friend Teresa gave me ans the rest is fabric from the 12 pound grab bag I ordered from the fat quarter shop with my Christmas voucher.

You cam see from this picture that there are still a lot of WIPs and UFOs on the floor under the ironing board as well as the beetle hanging on my sewing chair and the shirttails quilt on my design wall (just out of view to the right) there are 6 more UFOs hiding under the computer table too! So the battle goes on to reclaim my sewing space and make it a fun relaxing place to be again.


  1. I absolutely love the contrast of reds.I like the little bit of gray thrown in too...I'm been watching people's use of grays and whites lately. But doesn't it feel so wonderful getting some WIP DONE!!!!! Hey! I also noticed you have a Fairy Tales Quilt book...I'm teaching Fairy Tales and Tall Tales right now...ya think there's a classroom quilt pattern in there??? (Still haven't decided on my classroom quilt for this year...and need to get going on that and have it done by least!)

    1. PS...Is that sunshine I see outside your window??? LOL!!! I love, love our winter weather...but fear I"m going to have Spring Fever bad this year!!

  2. I really like your pillow! Now I guess I'm going to try and put a zipper in something or other! lol Your sewing room looks very neat! I wish I had as much room as you do! Congratulations for doing so well at keeping your commitment to finish UFOs and WIPs!

  3. the colours in the cushion are lovely together, what a good sewing room, I sew in the kitchen as the house is too cold to use a spare bedroom.


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