Opinions please...

Some of you may recall I designed a VW beetle quilt block late last year. I am beginning to mentally prepare myself for actually making it into a quilt sometime next month. This is the original prototype block:

 This is the 2nd block I made to test the pattern it was a gift for my brother:

I have decided to make two more of the beetle blocks to put with the green one in my quilt, to show the great colors beetles came in, but I can't decide what colors to make! This is my fabric selection so far:

Definitely using this fabric

May only use some of these fabrics, the others may go in the backing (still deciding)
I haven't finished a quilt pattern yet but am thinking it will be the three beetles in the center separated only by some sashing, a pieced border or two with some paper pieced VW symbols and peace signs in the corners.

What color VWs should I make to finish this quilt, I'd love your opinions?



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