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I thought it was about time I got all my vintage bakeware together in one place to see exactly what I have and what I 'need'. I also wanted to display some of it, because if it isn't on display it is a pointless collection!

This piece of Anchor Hocking bakeware started my whole obsession! My mum has this one in a slightly larger size and she cooks bread and butter pudding in it EVERYtime we visit :) So when I saw this one in an Australian Salvation Army store about 5 years ago I just had to have it, because it reminds me of my mum.

Then once I moved to America last year I realized that the thrift stores here are soooo much better, because you can get a tax receipt for donating your old used items!!!! So the collection grew and grew, this is what I own today:

Keep in mind I live in an apartment! So this amount of bakeware is very hard to safely store in my small kitchen! Here are some close ups of my favorites:

Pyrex: a 3 piece set all bought separately for a few dollars each!

A Glassbake matching pair

I love this design but only have one piece of the white/blue (so far)

The 'ugly' Pyrex phase LOL

These chocolate brown ones also belong to the 'ugly' Pyrex phase but I love them because the do represent the phases!

A pair of butter yellow Pyrex dishes
 These delightful orange wheat motif ones are new to my collection, I bought myself the one on the right for Christmas when I saw it at an antique store at a reasonable price. I don't usually pay antique store prices for my Pyrex but it was a Christmas gift to myself because I love the wheat motif and the orange is sooo nice for Thanksgiving. Then in the last two weeks I have found the other two pieces in separate thrift stores, I am thrilled to have 3 of this set!!!

This is perhaps my favorite pair though! Imagine a Christmas table setting with an entire set of this snowflake Pyrex:

I am also constantly on the hunt for more of this delightful color and design:

So where in my tiny apartment will I keep them now that I have inventoried the collection? On the shelf above my kitchen/dining/living space so I can constantly admire them:

Whilst I was busy admiring and organizing the collection, I also wrote a list of lids I need for the various dishes. Pyrex lids are interchangeable so I can use the lids on different dishes of the same size but I would like to get lids to fit the few that don't have one. A couple of the thrift stores I frequent have tubs of bakeware lids I can comb through in the coming weeks to try to get lids, but I never really knew which lids I needed and how many until today!

Yes you would think that I would've cleared off the breakfast bar and folded the washing before taking this photo LOL but it was 7am when I got the sudden compulsion to pull all the Pyrex out and write a blog about it, so my daily chores weren't done yet...

Maybe I am a little obsessed

So I do have one obsession in addition to my quilting, but when I am thrift shopping for bake ware I often find wonderful fabrics in thrift stores as well, so this thrifty obsession helps me be a thrifty quilter. That is my theory and I am sticking to it! I am linking to Vintage Thingy Thursday click the button in the right sidebar to join the fun.
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  1. You have a great collection of Pyrex ware.

  2. You have a real good collection of your bake ware pyrex. The pink is my favorite. I had several pieces and gave them to my daughter
    No problem about the breakfast bar and laundry that needs folded and put away. Shows your for real.
    I do that sometimes, take a real nice pictures of something so pretty and elegant and in back ground a empty tin can or wal mart sack LOL

  3. You have such a lovely collection on pyrex. My favorite is the blue with snowflakes. I love how you displayed them.

  4. When I first looked at your pyrex collection layed all out on your table, I thought my goodness, I would never have room to store all that! You did a great job putting it on that shelf where you can constantly admire them! I like the pink and the blue ones! Great collection.

  5. a lovely selection of bakeware. I have never seen coloured bakeware like yours, I am sure we cannot get it here in the UK, must keep my eyes open as my daughter would love some of the pink ones. Reading about the bread and butter pudding, think i will have to make one today

  6. Lovely collection and nicely displayed! I have a set of the wheat design covered dishes, given to me as a wedding gift in 1976 in case that helps you to date yours.

    1. Wow Roxann thanks so much for that information, I must say I should research this more because that is interesting, I was born in 1974 so I am sure some of my collection is older than me!


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