My Thrifty Collection

I thought it was about time I got all my vintage bakeware together in one place to see exactly what I have and what I 'need'. I also wanted to display some of it, because if it isn't on display it is a pointless collection!

This piece of Anchor Hocking bakeware started my whole obsession! My mum has this one in a slightly larger size and she cooks bread and butter pudding in it EVERYtime we visit :) So when I saw this one in an Australian Salvation Army store about 5 years ago I just had to have it, because it reminds me of my mum.

Then once I moved to America last year I realized that the thrift stores here are soooo much better, because you can get a tax receipt for donating your old used items!!!! So the collection grew and grew, this is what I own today:

Keep in mind I live in an apartment! So this amount of bakeware is very hard to safely store in my small kitchen! Here are some close ups of my favorites:

Pyrex: a 3 piece set all bought separately for a few dollars each!

A Glassbake matching pair

I love this design but only have one piece of the white/blue (so far)

The 'ugly' Pyrex phase LOL

These chocolate brown ones also belong to the 'ugly' Pyrex phase but I love them because the do represent the phases!

A pair of butter yellow Pyrex dishes
 These delightful orange wheat motif ones are new to my collection, I bought myself the one on the right for Christmas when I saw it at an antique store at a reasonable price. I don't usually pay antique store prices for my Pyrex but it was a Christmas gift to myself because I love the wheat motif and the orange is sooo nice for Thanksgiving. Then in the last two weeks I have found the other two pieces in separate thrift stores, I am thrilled to have 3 of this set!!!

This is perhaps my favorite pair though! Imagine a Christmas table setting with an entire set of this snowflake Pyrex:

I am also constantly on the hunt for more of this delightful color and design:

So where in my tiny apartment will I keep them now that I have inventoried the collection? On the shelf above my kitchen/dining/living space so I can constantly admire them:

Whilst I was busy admiring and organizing the collection, I also wrote a list of lids I need for the various dishes. Pyrex lids are interchangeable so I can use the lids on different dishes of the same size but I would like to get lids to fit the few that don't have one. A couple of the thrift stores I frequent have tubs of bakeware lids I can comb through in the coming weeks to try to get lids, but I never really knew which lids I needed and how many until today!

Yes you would think that I would've cleared off the breakfast bar and folded the washing before taking this photo LOL but it was 7am when I got the sudden compulsion to pull all the Pyrex out and write a blog about it, so my daily chores weren't done yet...

Maybe I am a little obsessed

So I do have one obsession in addition to my quilting, but when I am thrift shopping for bake ware I often find wonderful fabrics in thrift stores as well, so this thrifty obsession helps me be a thrifty quilter. That is my theory and I am sticking to it! I am linking to Vintage Thingy Thursday click the button in the right sidebar to join the fun.
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