Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

This was what I chose to do yesterday afternoon once I completed Celtic Solstice. I needed some play time so I pulled out the Surrounded by Love Moda mini charm pack that I got in my charm pack of the month club from the fat quarter shop.

I will make it a cushion cover sometime, once I am a little more caught up on UFOs

 And this is today's challenge, I designed this in 2013 for a quilt club challenge, I need the quilt to be completed by August and this is the centerpiece.

I really need to try this fpp pattern and see if it works then I can design the rest of the quilt!

It took about 6.5 hours but here it is:

It is only 10" x 8" and has 136 pieces, suffice it to say I will NEVER make this pattern again LOL


  1. 136 pieces...that's as bad, no worse, as my Farmer's Wife blocks!!! LOL!!! But I do think you've found your niche here in creating paper piecing patterns. :)

    1. PS: Love the heart! The charm pack club sounds fun!

  2. what a lovely heart you have. That was a challenge and a half, shame you could not have found some brown striped fabric for the tracks or would that have been cheating


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