Queen size!?

Laying my 75 x 75 inch Celtic Solstice quilt on my bed for a photo this afternoon was a mistake.

 It made me want to make a 90 x 90 inch quilt for my bed!

I have decided however, to make it a QAYG project, making four  45 x 45 inch sections and joining the four sections the same way I joined these blocks: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2014/02/scrappy-stripes.html

So I chose this pattern:

It is from a wonderful book I have called Mathematical Quilts:

This is a math teaching text as well as having basic instructions on how to make the quilts.

I like this because the quilt can easily be made in four sections and the sashing that joins the four sections with the QAYG method I use won't ruin the quilt pattern. So I think queen size is doable! I just have to find the time!!

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