A finish by 9am!

This quilt is to hang in a local library later this year for my quilt clubs bi-annual quilt show:

It is my first wall quilt and is really small; 22 x 17 inches. This is part of the quilt club challenge called Colorado's Bountiful Harvest, we were provided three fat quarters which are the fabrics I used for the piano key border, binding and even the leftovers made up the backing. We had to make a quilt that embodied the idea of Colorado's Bountiful Harvest with a noticeable amount of the provided fabrics used.

My husband works in the gold mining industry here in Colorado, so I decided to focus on it, so this wall quilt can hang in his office at work. The fabric printed text has some facts about the mining industry in Colorado:

And my 136 piece PP gold mining wagon is the main block:

I did invisible thread quilting so that it didn't interfere with the picture etc. I of course failed to take into account with the crosshatch quilting on the piano keys that once the binding is attached it won't seem centered because it is such a small quilt! So I added an additional row of zig zag quilting:

This extra quilting fixed my misalignment and looks quite good actually to anyone who can see invisible thread LOL! I also did machine binding using invisible thread; OMG the quilting police will die, using machine binding for a quilt show quilt is blasphemy LOL, but that is me, lazy and carefree when it comes to some quilting traditions!!

I love the gold and silver fabrics in this, they were given to me by a quilting friend Caryn when I explained what theme I chose for my quilt. Quilty friends are wonderful!!


  1. Great quilt! It will be a nice addition to your DH office space!

  2. I love that this will hang in your husband's office. It a very wonderful finish!!

  3. Lol, "quilt police will die" yes please, I've had enough of those nit-pickers. I think your quilt looks great, and the paper pieced block is wonderful!

  4. I really got a chuckle out of the thought of the quilt police chasing you down the road! I think this turned out great! It's going to look great in your hubby's office.


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