It was bothering me LOL

Yesterdays finish was far from perfect but the quilting misalignment around the edge was bothering me, so today I added another row of quilting to even it out. So ridiculous that a mistake with invisible thread quilting would bother me so much, but I am happy with the result now that I have 'fixed' my mistake.

This simple zig zag line has definitely fixed the problem enough for me to be happy with it now.

I resist trying to fix mistakes usually because often things just end up worse than they were, but I don't think anyone will realize it was done to repair a mistake, it looks like I intended to quilt this design, and those are the best kinds of fixes!


  1. looking very good, when I did my city and guilds embroidery they always said if you make a mistake do not unpick but make a feature of it, I had plenty of practise doing just that

  2. It looked good before and still looks good!


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