Marathon finish!

I don't love this finish! Oh well at least it isn't a UFO! My blogging buddy Val wrote a wonderful post the other day: about a quilt she wasn't 100% happy with and how she decided to...

My 75" x 75" simplified Celtic Solstice Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is finished. 1516 pieces of tedious piecing later I do like it, I just don't LOVE it!

All those green squares should have been four patches and the HSTs should have been birds in the air, but once I had the other units made it was clear that this quilt was going to be wonky, so I took some shortcuts to minimize the wonk and to finish it off sooner rather than later.

A new quilt rack I got yesterday for $7 at a thrift shop!

This quilt is about the most inaccurate quilt I have ever made most of my points don't line up because the triangle and chevron units are a little tricky! And my Pfaff sewing machine wasn't FMQing again today so I wasted about 2 hrs trying to quilt with the thread breaking constantly and had only quilted about 2 square feet. I gave up eventually and pulled out my trusty $200 Brother machine that I got from Walmart in late 2012 and FMQed it with that! Check out the pics of all that quilt and that tiny machine:

That is only a 6.5" gap to the right of the needle to bundle up all that quilt into, it certainly makes a 6ft + square quilt tricky to quilt but this machine sewed like a champion. It is a true workhorse, it never ceases to amaze me how good this machine is, I wish I had bought a new Brother instead of the Pfaff!

So I turned my lemons into lemonade today, this quilt has tried to beat me time and again but I persevered and now I have a finish to show for it! But even with all the stress of a faulty sewing machine and mismatched points I can find beauty in today; check out this shot I took whilst I was spray basting the quilt. I was lifting the quilt and having a look to make sure the backing wasn't creased at all. The early morning sun was shining in the window at the time:

I love the stained glass effect!


  1. I have a Pfaff that is zig-zag and it has been to four repair shops and they can't fix it. The same thing with FMQing. I have a cheapy Singer from Walmart and do all my stitching on it. Sometimes more experience is not all ways the best. Sorry you had difficulty with your quilt. Some times we conquer and sometimes we don't. Chris

  2. Shouldn't have said experience I meant expensive. I should proofread better. Chris

  3. I think your modified Celtic Solstice turned out beautifully! I just finished the chevron step so have been admiring all these finishes.

  4. I love the way you modified this pattern. I like bonnie's patterns but the pieces are just too small...the colours in this one didn't speak to me so I didn't follow along but if I did, I seriously would want to double the size of each unit to something more practical :)

  5. What a creative way to move along and finish a quilt. Sometimes Bonnie's quilts can be quite labor intensive. I love her patterns and plan to make quite a few of them (if I live to be 100!). I look at some of the patterns and I'm overwhelmed by how many pieces there. I am amazed at your ability to finish the quilt so soon after the reveal. Congratulations!

  6. Sorry you ran into trouble with your Pfaff sewing machine! You might have to take it back in again. You Celtic Solstice turned out beautiful! Your colors are great and your modifications are fine. You are too hard on yourself. At least yours is finished!

  7. I think this has worked so well and good to see you have personalised it. Machines can be a pain when they go wrong, trust the pfaff has decided to behave for you once more. The brother looks a good buy, thy are more expensive here in the UK. I have been considering a very light weight one for when I go to group meetings as both mine are far to heavy to be carting on buses.

  8. That back is so awesome!!! Your quilting today is the EXACT reason I invested in a long-arm. I was so frustrated with the basting and rolling and felt I couldn't be as creative as I wanted. All that quilt being managed into that small space drove me to pure frustration. I was fortunate to be at a place in life that I could invest in a long arm...on another note though...we often are our worst critics...I doe not see any of the flaws you described and I absolutely love this finish!!! I have quilting is very forgiving!!!!

  9. I think it's a beautiful quilt and can't see anything that doesn't line up. I am truly impressed that you can quilt a large quilt with a small machine. My shoulder aches for you. Sorry your Pfaff let you down; most of those are great machines.

  10. I enjoyed the story and am impressed that you pushed through with the quiltin on the smaller machine. Love the view from the back too!


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