Marathon finish!

I don't love this finish! Oh well at least it isn't a UFO! My blogging buddy Val wrote a wonderful post the other day: about a quilt she wasn't 100% happy with and how she decided to...

My 75" x 75" simplified Celtic Solstice Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is finished. 1516 pieces of tedious piecing later I do like it, I just don't LOVE it!

All those green squares should have been four patches and the HSTs should have been birds in the air, but once I had the other units made it was clear that this quilt was going to be wonky, so I took some shortcuts to minimize the wonk and to finish it off sooner rather than later.

A new quilt rack I got yesterday for $7 at a thrift shop!

This quilt is about the most inaccurate quilt I have ever made most of my points don't line up because the triangle and chevron units are a little tricky! And my Pfaff sewing machine wasn't FMQing again today so I wasted about 2 hrs trying to quilt with the thread breaking constantly and had only quilted about 2 square feet. I gave up eventually and pulled out my trusty $200 Brother machine that I got from Walmart in late 2012 and FMQed it with that! Check out the pics of all that quilt and that tiny machine:

That is only a 6.5" gap to the right of the needle to bundle up all that quilt into, it certainly makes a 6ft + square quilt tricky to quilt but this machine sewed like a champion. It is a true workhorse, it never ceases to amaze me how good this machine is, I wish I had bought a new Brother instead of the Pfaff!

So I turned my lemons into lemonade today, this quilt has tried to beat me time and again but I persevered and now I have a finish to show for it! But even with all the stress of a faulty sewing machine and mismatched points I can find beauty in today; check out this shot I took whilst I was spray basting the quilt. I was lifting the quilt and having a look to make sure the backing wasn't creased at all. The early morning sun was shining in the window at the time:

I love the stained glass effect!

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