Thrifty Thursday: Quilt storage and display

My husband asked me a while ago, "What are you going to do with all these quilts?" more fool him for asking, it just gave me an excuse to buy more quilt racks :) I currently live in an apartment but...when I have a house in a few years time I intend to have a quilt rack in every bedroom as well as the living rooms. This dream was inspired by a visit to Brigham Young's historic home in Salt Lake City Utah last year where they literally did have quilt racks and quilts in almost every room, it was wonderful!

So this week I added to my collection when I found this one for $15 in a thrift store:

I just about had to rearrange the whole apartment to find room for it, but one day when I buy a house I will be pleased I grabbed it when I saw it!

I also found this at Home Goods in the clearance aisle this week because it was broken:

It was supposed to have more baskets hanging from those railings like the basket at the bottom, but they were broken. But it makes a perfect quilt rack just like this, with small rolled up quilts in the basket and two rails for hanging quilts. The bookshelves in my sewing room are black/Brown ikea billy bookcases and the two desks match them so this black 'quilt rack' matches it all perfectly!

I also bought some over the door towel rails from Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 each, one hangs on the door that is the entrance into the sewing room and has display quilts on it:

The other one hangs on the fabric closet door in the sew room and is for WIPs:

These are the other racks I already owned to display my quilts:

A vintage oak valet stand has two vintage quilts on it next to my treadle 

An oak quilt rack in the living room

And this one is in the entrance to my bedroom
So there is plenty of storage for quilts now, in fact I don't have enough quilts to fill all my racks... YET!

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