5 mins of practical fun

The last week or so Ebony our Maltipoo has decided she wants to sleep in Henry the Cockapoo's bed with him, it gets a little cramped:

So I decided it was time to try one big bed for them to share, but I didn't want to spend a fortune incase it isn't a successful idea.

I was inspired by two ideas:
I used up old pillowcases and sewing scraps to create this:

It seems like a success so far but I'll wait and see how tonight goes!

Ebony isn't real sure about this idea:

Henry loved watching me stuff the pillow inserts with stuffing. He loves to pull apart dog toys and spread the white stuffing we call 'snow' all over the apartment, so he was captivated by seeing me 'playing' with snow!


  1. This is really neat...it looks more comfortable than some of the super expensive dog beds I have seen in stores...

  2. that's it! I'm putting you on my blog list for dog related blogs that I enjoy!
    How is the bed working out. They might have wanted to relive puppy hood and squeezed in all over each other. LeeAnna

  3. Hope they both like it! For sure, Henry is fine with it. Maybe Ebony will like the warmth.

  4. Your dogs are so cute and are certainly the best dressed digs ever, I think their quilted coats are beautiful.

  5. Ebony almost looks offended to have to share!! LOL!! Thrifty idea for sure....love it!!!

  6. Hi! Great idea for their NEW bed! I hope they love it! x Teje


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