The Wooden Spools Bag

Yesterday I promised some more photos of the Wooden Spools bag I made in class, so here they are:

I was a bit concerned when I was making this that it would look like I just vomited up fabrics. But I was determined to showcase a variety of sewing themed fabrics and color scheme be damned.

The front has the shops logo and I chose a fabric strip with a quilt shop to go either side of that

The ends have fabrics with a variety of notions

The handles have a gorgeous blue fabric with notions, there are two nice big pockets and yes I bought some fabric yesterday!

On the back I used a strip that has a house with 'quilts for sale' on the fence

See the strip of fabric above that has I love quilts (so appropriate)

The lining was a lovely Laura Ashley neutral print from my stash

This pic is to show how big the bag is 18" long x 10" wide x  12" deep
I LOVE it and will definitely make this pattern again, or at least a variation of it!

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