My first quilt club bee!

Yesterday I went to a quilt club get together at a fellow members house, just a sit and sew type of gathering, I took some redwork projects with me instead of sewing machine projects to save space at her house. I do Google images or Google coloring pages for topics that interest me for redwork, these images were the kinds of inspirations I used:

I just write Ebony instead of Affenpinscher as this looks just like my Maltipoo
I used a redwork version of this dog image in a quilt I made last year and I am doing another one of these for a matching cushion cover.

Toto for my Wizard of Oz quilt (one day I'll get around to making that LOL)

I also have printed  images of a Dorothy's red slippers, a tornado and the scarecrow for the W of O quilt.
A bike for a cushion cover for my cycling mad hubby is also included in my embroidery bag.

So I have traced about a years worth of monthly quilt club bee redwork projects but this is the image that I began sewing a version of:

So here it is after 5 hrs chatting and sewing:

Just the flowers left!

I have lots of sewing themed fabrics so I think I will make this the centerpiece of a sewing themed quilt!

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