Thrifty Thursday: new/old fabric

Check out this wash basket full of fabric I got when I was thrift shopping last week! At the Salvation Army shirts were buy one get one for a penny, so I bought several. Then at Goodwill, I picked things as well that had pink tags on the 50% off pink tags sale day.

I loved this selection of 3 lime green men's shirts to make a shirt quilt from:

Next month I am making a black and white quilt for my brother-in-law in Australia, he is battling several health issues and has been constantly in and out of hospital the past two years. He and I go for the same Aussie Rules football team the Collingwood Magpies and their colors are black and white. So this stack of shirts is to add to the selection for that quilt:

And my stash is a little lacking in neutral plaids, so I threw a few of those in for a penny to stock the stash:

These flannels were irresistible, I love dogs and am beginning to be a cat lover too, I had to have these. The dog print is probably less than a yard in the material aisle and was $2 and the cat one was a long nightgown with about 1.5 yards for $2:

The thing I love about buying pre-owned flannels is you can really tell the quality of the fabric, there is a LOT of terrible quality flannel in stores these days that just isn't worth what you pay for it. But this is all pre-loved and has washed and worn well!!

After figuring out last week that I had too much Christmas fabric in my stash, I still couldn't resist these PJ pants to cut up and add to the overflowing pile:

And I threw in this pair of shirts just on a whim because when you are getting extras for a penny, anything goes :)

The bottom one is mauve but it doesn't photograph well!
And this is my new favorite website for thrift store locations:

Adventurous Quilter

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