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My brother in law is extremely ill and I am half a world away from his Sydney intensive care hospital bed. I needed to do something, so I started on a football club quilt for him. He supports the Collingwood Magpies Aussie rules football club like me, so I designed an FPP block this morning that'll be the centerpiece of his quilt:

Eventually it may make it into my Craftsy store but I have to try making the prototype first and I won't have time for that until at least Friday or maybe even next week. I have some great black and white fabrics I have collected as thrift store shirts to cut up for the rest of the patchwork.


  1. Those fabrics are going to look really good along with your magpie!

  2. I wish you BIL a speedy recovery, are not the magpies a Melbourne team?

    1. Yes Margaret they are a Melbourne team, I lived in Melbourne for 8 years from about 1997 to late 2005.

  3. Those fabrics are perfect for a man's quilt.


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