Thrifty Thursday

Wow this week went fast! I haven't been out much in the last week or so, but I did go to a favorite thrift store on my way home from work on Monday and found this vintage Pyrex bowl to add to my collection:

I had a couple of snowflake oven dishes in this color and it matches them perfectly & they were my favorites in the collection so I am thrilled to find another piece that color!

The rest of the week was spent sewing blocks for this quilt which I have just finished in time for this blog post. This QAYG quilt is entirely made up of scraps! Even the batting and backing were scraps!!!! I was undecided how big this quilt would be until I started to run out of scrappy strips for it after doing 30 blocks:

So it ended up being 5 foot by 6 foot which is by far the biggest quilt I have made yet:

I will try to get some better photos tomorrow but I didn't finish this one until 6.30pm so it is a little dark for photography now.

So I did some thrifty quilting and some thrift shopping this week and tomorrow I have my herringbone WIP to work on now that this scrap quilt has given me plenty of practice at this QAYG method.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. I can't believe how fast you get things done! Glad you found more of your favorite color pyrex!

  2. these scraps look great. Love the colour of the pyrex. How am I thrifty? well I wrap up warm so as I do not have to waste quilting money on heating!! and careful what I spend money on, do not eat much meat these days, Being a pensioner I have a very small income but manage to stretch it a long way, just like a piece of elastic

  3. Wow! Impressive! I can't wait to see the whole thing!


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