Scrappy QAYG practice

I am making a scrap quilt to practice QAYG before I put my broken herringbone quilt together. I am soooo pleased that I bought a new cutting mat in a sale at Joann recently! It sat in the fabric closet for a while but last weekend hubby finally found time to trim a few inches of it off at the depth for me so that it fit onto my cutting table. This cutting mat is awesome, I may never use another cutting mat, I spent 5 + hours cutting up scraps Monday and did not need to replace a rotary cutting blade once! Not to mention the extra length is handy when cutting big pieces of fabric.

This is yesterdays progress, this basket full of strips:

Turned into this set of strip blocks:

In fact I have made 18 now but my design floor isn't big enough to lay them all out. Here is the pile of completed blocks alongside the pile of blocks to complete today:

I think I am going to try to make this scrap quilt queen size for my bed, I have never made myself a bed quilt because I quilt all my own quilts on my domestic machine and queen size seemed too daunting, but since these are QAYG it may be do-able! I'll see how it looks once I get these 30 blocks done. And see if I have enough scraps!

I also finally got a photo of Ebony wearing her crazy quilted dog jacket yesterday:


  1. Oh, how cute! I need to make my dogs some of those jackets

    1. Thanks Mina they are cute in their jackets, there is a tutorial under my tutorial tab that explains how I made the one for my dogs :-)

  2. I am so envious of your new cutting mat! Heck, I'd love to have enough room to put that big of a table in my room! Glad it's working out so good for you. Ebony looks really good in her crazy quilt jacket.


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