Snow is falling in the world outside,
but.. inside these walls I can hide.
I smile with glee, "A sewing day!"
I hide away from a world of no play,

The fabrics and colors are blissfully right,
this quilt will be quite a delightful sight,
the fun and inspiring geometric patchwork,
often does make me smirk!

The idea of cutting big fabric into small squares,
can often draw from non-quilters some stares!
But I am the one enjoying sewing the blocks,
and rarely even glancing at the clocks,

Dogs are my company all day long,
sometimes I even sing a song,
'cause ironing is quite tedious,
but without it my quilt would be hideous,

Bobbins run out in mid stitch row,
and sometimes I must even un-sew!
Broken needles, blunt scissors and rotary blades,
can often precede grumpy tirades,

Blogging and quilting go hand in hand,
To reflect, it's a format that is quite grand,
A fine way to journal the quilts made,
each quilt has to be displayed,

From the pattern I have often strayed,
but my quilts are works of art... handmade,
with such purpose, it really doesn't matter,
if occasionally I seem like the mad hatter!

If you are inclined to inspect,
You will NOT find my quilts perfect,
I am not the type to quilt for an audience,
these works of art are not a performance,

I quilt with desire and passion,
I do not want to make high fashion,
but sew I must it is in my blood,
even though scraps mount up to almost a flood!

Scissors and pins, needle and thread,
making a quilt big enough for a bed,
It'll keep someone warm,
what a wonderful art form!

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