Scraps, scraps and more scraps...

Today I spent half the day at work then half the day cutting scraps into squares and strips. Some of the scraps in my scrap bin were from 6 months ago. I usually try not to let my scraps build up BUT with visitors for 10 weeks out of the last 16 weeks of 2013 I was a little busy.

This is what I am going to do with all my scrappy strips:

This is a quilt as you go strip block that I plan to make many more of so that I can practice this method: of putting together QAYG blocks. I wanted to practice the method before I use it to put my herringbone blocks together.

So I am tired now after cutting fabric for about 5 hours straight, but at least I had company:

Henry crashed mid afternoon after some bone chewing

Ebony sound asleep under the cutting table as usual
I probably have enough strips for a couple of quilts LOL. And I have several hundred squares cut at least ranging in size from 4" to 2", so my scrap bin is empty but I can guarantee it won't stay that way for long! Because I still have several UFOs to finish before the end of this month and we are expecting snow and frigid temps the next few days, so I will be in the sewing room almost constantly.

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