That was a crazy Superbowl game yesterday! Quite a disappointment for us Denver fans.

Perhaps I jinxed us yesterday morning by starting to work on the crazy quilted dog jacket that I wanted to make from batik scraps:

I started in the middle of the batting and added odd shaped scraps in many different colors.

Then I tested out a ton of stitches on my Pfaff, I like the cars and crowns:

I have completed that step now and just have to add the elastic, straps and velcro today, but I am working this morning, so it'll have to wait until this afternoon:


  1. Wow! That's a really fancy dog jacket! Nice fancy stitching. :-)

  2. so colourful, I had not thought to use the fancy stitches on my CQ blocks, will now check them out as they have worked so well here

  3. I wish my machine had all those fancy stitches. About all mine is good for is adding a blanket style stitch and zigzags. It's very nice.

  4. That dog would be smiling if he knew how luck he was to get that jacket! Love how the stitching against the batiks. I'm realizing that I want to get more definition when I do decorative crazy stitching, can you tell me what weight or brand thread did you use?

    Thanks for sharing the Archive post!

  5. I need to play with the stitches on my machine more as I just how this looks!! Hmmm what could I make???

  6. This is Great! Love your crazy patch with all the wonderful stitches! Bet he or she was one happy dog!

  7. Another use for all my scraps and I can test the stitches on my sewing machine. Thank you.


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