Superbowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Broncos

The dogs are dressed ready to cheer on the Denver Broncos today in their patchwork quilted Broncos jackets :)

Henry the Cockapoo

Ebony the Maltipoo

I made these using the same pattern as this tutorial I wrote:

But with these ones I used the quilt as you go method to make the fabric and batting layer, you will need to follow the instructions from the link above to make the jacket but here is an extra few tutorial steps for anyone wanting to try this quilt as you go strip method:

1. Once you have followed the steps in the link above to create a pattern and cut the batting you begin by applying 2 strips of fabric right sides together to cover the end of the batting, I have started at the neckline but you can start at either end:

2. Once you have stitched them on, iron the 2nd strip back so it is right side up and you are ready to apply another strip in the same way

3. Once I have added a few rows I trim away the excess to reveal the neckline shape  and begin to see how it will look, I don't plan my strip placement ahead of time I just improvise the color scheme as I go:

 4. You can stitch squares into rows first and then add the row in the same manner as well:

Once you have covered the batting you are ready to complete the jacket by using the tutorial link which is also under my tutorial tab if you ever need to refer back to it.


  1. Gooooooo Seahawks!!!! lol (I'll be thinking of ya at game time!) Although I do absolutely love these jackets...they are adorable!!! Stop by later today to see my grandbaby in his Seahawk attire. :) V

    1. PS: You blog's "new look" is awesome!!!!

    2. Thanks Val I am still playing with it but it is improving LOL. Can't believe you are a Seahawks FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Broncos ;)

  2. Henry and Ebony are really dressed and ready for the game! They look great and you did a wonderful job on their jackets!!

  3. they look so proud of their jackets and nice and warm too


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