One month into my commitment...

I set myself the task in January and February to clear out the UFOs and WIPs. I am halfway through that time so lets see how I am going?

Highlighted in pink are the ones I have done!

  • A4AQAL flimsy to be FM quilted
  • scrap fabric swatch quilt
  • Bonnie Hunter Shirttails quilt top to be completed and quilted
  • Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice Mystery QAL top to be completed and quilted
  • 2 Christmas quilt tops to be completed and stored for quilting later in 2014
  • Broken Herringbone quilt top to be made (only 1 block done so far!)
  • Americana quilt top to be completed 
  • Batik crazy quilted table runner (barely started) I decided it will be a dog jacket instead!
  • sewing machine dust cover to be completed
  • Complete 3 cushion covers I have started (2 done so far)
  • VW beetle quilt top design to complete, then sew the top and quilt it
  • Tula Pink City Sampler quilt made from the first 50 blocks
  • 2 eye spy quilts

On my to-do list today was the Broken herringbone quilt top. I started out the day with just one purple block. Here is what I have  so far:


  1. Wow! Those blocks are looking really good. I guess in addition to more neutrals, I'll need to get some pretty solids.

  2. lovely blocks, must google to see how to do these.

      that is the link for the tutorial on how to make these blocks Margaret. It is very easy to follow and makes great blocks.


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