2 finishes in one day!

I am finally getting through the UFOs, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Here is my scrappy fabric swatch quilt I ended up FMQing it but not very densely and then just folding the backing to the front for binding. This will go in my car as an 'emergency blanket/picnic blanket'.

The I FMQed my Americana quilt, it has taken all month but with this one I think I finally have the hang of FMQing on my Pfaff :

I am loving the feeling that finishes give me, it is a waaaay better feeling than the stress of drowning in UFOs!!!!

I folded the backing to the front for binding on this one too, that is by far my favorite method of binding a quilt, so quick and it'll never come un-stitched no matter how many times I wash it!

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