Thrifty Thursday

How have I been thrifty this week????

I had two quilts to find backing for, my Denver Broncos quilt top and my Americana quilt top.
This is the finished Broncos top:

It is such a wonderful feeling to finish a project even a quick one!

The quilt has been washed and dried and feels squishy and wonderful. The cushion I made earlier in the week with the scraps perfects the set ready for the Superbowl this weekend :)

 I ended up shop hopping for bargain backing for the Broncos quilt and got a plain navy fabric for $3.50 per yard at Walmart.

And I pieced a backing for the Americana quilt that uses up most of my left over Americana fabrics.

Quilt top on the left and backing on the right

I also have a fabric swatch scrappy quilt top to back but I already bought backing at a thrift store for it, so I have a busy few days quilting planned and hope to have some more finishes to show off soon!

I managed to save some money on these backings in a variety of ways; shop hopping, thrift shopping and piecing backing.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. You've really been busy the last couple of days! I guess I should try putting a back on one of my quilt tops. ;)

    1. Yeah Tami it is a good feeling to have a finished product verses a flimsy, but there is always the risk of ruining a quilt top too, I am not 100% happy with the quilting on the other three quilts I have done on the new Pfaff but at least by the time I got to the Americana quilt I was figuring out the intricacies of the machine and getting the FMQing worked out, lucky they weren't my favorite quilt tops, but you do need a full size top to practice on, at some point little batting sandwich scraps are not enough to practice on. That is why I love making scrappy quilt tops, because I don't want to spend too much money on something I could ruin LOL!

  2. You finished the Broncos quilt JUST IN TIME!


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