My eye spy

I made an eye spy quilt last week for a friend's five year old son:

it just made me want my own! So today I started sewing it together:

I love eye spy quilts! This one has 195 different four inch squares! I have been collecting novelty prints for about nine months now and some of these prints were from any eye spy swap that Polly over at ran in 2013 and some squares are from my blogging swap buddy Val over at I love the result, just eight lines of straight line quilting to go then I can bind this one and do the big reveal :-)


  1. Love the boy one! I recognize some of the prints and you also found a lot of fun boy prints and licensed fabric that I haven't seen before. Can't wait to see the quilt you made for yourself.

  2. You included some really cute blocks in you eye spy quilts!

  3. great way of using novelty prints, like the way the rows are offset, now they suit me as there is not the problem and it is a problem to me matching all the seams!

  4. I can't wait to see...good thing I have about 30 more squares coming your way soon!!

    1. I need to start sewing mine!!! Thanks for the re-motivation. :)


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