My eye spy is finished!

I used heaps of sewing and dog themed prints in this one and backed it in pink to further stamp my ownership on this one! It is mine! All 195 prints :) And I love it!

And I finally got around to attaching a printed label, I usually forget to add it into the binding seam and then can't be bothered! I love this pink as backing and binding fabric, it has a slight textured look and feel to it which just makes it nicer than a flat pink. It was in my stash, so it was a thrifty backing choice as well.

For now it is hanging on a quilt rack in my dining room but it'll be my lap quilt for watching telly :)

I made this one this week as well it is a small boys eye spy match lap quilt, I had quite a few 4" pairs left after making an eye spy match quilt last week for a friends son, so I decided to make a small quilt to use them up:

approx 36" x 36"
 I chose this space themed fabric from my stash for the backing, so hopefully the boy that ends up with this quilt will love the back as much as the front. It doesn't have an intended recipient yet, so it is on a quilt rack for now.

Then this morning I made hubby an iPad pocket to hang on the arm of his chair:

My camera lens really needs cleaning!
 The iPad can fit in lengthwise like above or upright:

That way it can charge whilst in there as well:

It just wraps over the arm and buttons up: 

So I have a few finishes and had some time to play with scraps, a great day so far :)


  1. I love that I get to be the first one to say: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love seeing the fabric squares we share! A little jealous (in a nice way) that yours is I sit enjoying 20 minutes of quiet, checking email and eating lunch. OOOppppssss I hear little footprints coming down the hall...GTG! With smiles V:) (PS These will be fun to rejuvinate when "Eye Spy's" coming around during Tuesday about 6 months! :) TTYS!

    1. PS Where did you get your tags made??

    2. Val I just printed these on printable fabric, but my friend Teresa orders hers I have been meaning to ask her where from, I will try to remember when I see her on Thursday :)

    3. Serious! They look great! Do let me know what ya find out! Have fun...

  2. I like all 3 of your projects!

  3. Everything looks fantastic! I really like the iPad pocket that you made for your hubby. It's really neat how it can hang on the arm of his chair.

  4. Love how they all turned out. So many familiar fabrics. And I love the space fabric you chose for the backing on the I-Spy Match Quilt

  5. The eye spy quilts are great! My 8-year-old said the space fabric was a great choice! :) Love the iPad cover as well -very clever.


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