Thrifty Thursday: Spools

I got these bags of spools last month in a thrift store:

The bags were $4 each
As you can see to the right of the pic I already had a spool jar where I was saving spools I had used for decoration, so these will be added to that eventually.

Tons of spools once I opened the bags

Small spools on display in my etched glass bowl

Medium spools on display in my small vase

Large spools lined up on a shelf, I will actually slowly use this for piecing to empty the spools then add them to the large vase of empty spools

Some leftover small spools that didn't fit in the vases will get used up asap and added to the empty spool jar too, so they are next to my sewing machine with all my other notions.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. You really made out great on those two bags! You are definitely a thrifty saver! I like how you use your spool collection for decorating.

  2. I have some old spools too but find the cotton tends to break very easily, I suppose it has perished.
    Do you piece with polyester thread or just the cotton thread?

    1. I piece with poly thread or cotton these skills will get used on scrappy projects mainly because as you say the thread could be less resilient, but I only do Quilting with a 50wt cotton thread.


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