Thrifty Thursday

Cheap Fabric Re-stashing

I went to my favorite Denver fabric store  Wooden Spools last week with a new quilting friend Linda, I needed to re-stock my stash of red black and white fabrics after cutting most of mine up for my queen size Fibonacci WIP. But of course a quilter doesn't go to a $5 per yard revived fabric store and only buy what she needs LOL. I found the red/black/white and some great eye spy fabrics, a lovely fat eighth bundle, some 4" charm squares and 3 fat quarters that I will use in Tula Pink City Sampler blocks. All for about $60:

I am obsessed with eye spy quilts and one way I keep my eye spy fabric collection thrifty is to swap squares and small pieces of fabric with other quilters, this bundle I got from Linda when we swapped last week and it will make heaps of squares when I find the time to cut it all up:

So that is my Thrifty Thursday re-stashing, I love sourcing fabric cheaply it is a real buzz!

Adventurous Quilter


  1. It is a real buzz!! And thanks for reminding me...I have a pile of eye spys to get in the mail to ya!! Keep an eye out for them next week!

  2. sounds like you have a real bargain shop near you, lovely fabrics too

  3. Sounds like a great store to visit! We are going to a quilt show today and there will be vendors! Yeah!


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