Seeing the light...

My sewing room has been a mess because I am in the middle of sewing a king sized Fibonacci QAYG quilt. But Wednesday I finally got the last sections of it spray basted and neatly piled up ready to quilt. Then I had to clean the whole sewing room because the aerosol spray baste gets everywhere in the vicinity of the cutting table that I use when basting.

You can see sections of the red, white, black Fibonacci quilt are hanging on my over the door quilt rack they are the 7 sections already quilted.

I can see the floor again! And I even vacuumed it to celebrate ;)

Even the blogging desk got a dust off!


  1. Nice working space! It feels good to have everything put away, at least for a time until the next project.

  2. what a great room to have, i stitch in the kitchen, do have spare bedrooms but they are too cold, the quilt is coming along so well, you are teasing us with just a peep at the quilted sections.

  3. Marianne, do you want to come over and help me clean mine? You did a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Fibonacci quilt. Love the black, white and red.

  4. My sewing area sure could use a good dusting! So could the rest of my house as well. Did I tell you I HATE dusting? I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt finished. I too really like the combination of red, black and white.


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