Juki Sewing Fun

I am enjoying my Juki TL2010Q as we get to know each other. Getting a new machine no matter how simple it is can be daunting but the simplicity of this machine is helping me adapt reasonably quickly.

Although it came with most of the necessary feet, I did invest in a 1/4 inch guide foot as that is what I have been using and it has improved the accuracy of my seams. Juki doesn't make this foot, but the Janome high shank foot fits, so I went into a local Janome dealer to get one. Best $30 ever spent.

I also needed to oil and blow out the bobbin and feed dog areas whilst I was quilting my first quilt on it, so the 1/4 foot, dusting spray and machine oil have been invaluable already! Keep these in mind if you have or ever intend to buy one of these machines.

So this is my first quilt entirely quilted on the Juki:

It is my Shirttails quilt from Bonnie Hunters book Scraps and Shirttails. I put the binding on yesterday, so more finish photos will follow later this week.


  1. I have ordered a 1/4 foot for my machine. I'm ok so far since all my blocks in every quilt are the same block/pattern, (and I am able to keep a 'consistent' seam width) but when I get ready to do a "sampler" or something with different blocks that precise 1/4" will matter.

  2. I have never had a 1/4 inch guide foot. I'm thinking about getting one though!

  3. What a good way of using up old shirts. I too have a quarter inch foot but mine does not have the metal guide on it. So unable to quilt on the machine, was determined to do some yesterday but no can`t seem to get the fabric to feed through even with my walking foot, I have given up!!!


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