Shirttails top is quilted at last!

I started this quilt in about August 2013 I think and I have worked on it at the two retreats I have attended with quilt club.

I have a new Juki machine that I adore but like my old Pfaff it doesn't like FMQing when I use spray basting.  My little $200 Brother machine has no difficulty with the spray though!!! So I decided to try pin basting:

It took ages to put all those pins on and make sure the layers were flat, spray basting is MUCH easier, but my new Juki can FMQ so fast that I made up the time once i got to the sewing machine. Here it is quilted, trimmed and ready to bind:

It took me a while to get the hang of quilting on this new machine that I've only had 2 days, so the tension isn't perfect in places and my stitch length isn't consistent but I did improve by the end of the quilt, so I am impressed with my Juki's quilting ability so far.

There was only one small section of backing with a couple of creases in it, which I think is okay for a first attempt at quilting using pin basting! Can't wait to finish this early next week!


  1. Such a great finish!!! LOVE IT!!! And I'm also happy for ya that the new machine is working out better for ya:)

  2. Congrats on your finish! What a nice pretty.

  3. I have never tried pin basting because Bonnie Hunter said it was bad. Maybe I'll try it some time since I have a Brother! It looks really great Marianne!!


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