Thrifty Thursday: Shirttails

You may have seen this quilt as it was being made, but did you truly understand how thrifty it was??

I purchased the shirts I used to make it from Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I used 11 shirts in the quilt top, I added two extra shirts to that mix when I came to piecing the backing and binding the quilt because I was getting low on big pieces. So all up 13 shirts. The shirts can cost anywhere from 1c to $8 in thrift stores. Most of mine were bought on sale you can regularly get 99c shirts at Goodwill if you keep track of their special sale days. I know one of them was a penny shirt on a day when you could buy 1 for 99c and get another for a penny! So I estimate that the fabric for this quilt top, back and binding cost me less than $30.

And I have plenty of scrappy pieces leftover for other projects like dog jackets:

Adventurous Quilter

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