Thrifty Thursday

How many sewing machines does one woman need?? I had ten! Yes I said had!

This week I wasn't thrifty for me, I was thrifty for a friend. My friend Tami of found herself without a sewing machine that works!


So instead of letting her go and buy one, I gave her one of mine. She is a delightful woman, she deserves it. Tami sews for the Colorado chapter of the Green Bag Lady Project like I do and also makes wonderful quilt projects that I love to admire, so I know this sewing machine is going to a great home.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. what a good gift to give, I was lucky to be given an elna very light weight machine from Jennie Rayment, to take to group meetings, I go by bus and could not manage my bernina, so that was very thrifty for me.

  2. This was so awesome and sweet of you Marianne! I love it!

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  4. I have decided not to buy anything unless I need it for a project I am working on (or the very next project in line). But, preferably, I'd like to use what I already have, including the fabric from our old clothes that would otherwise be thrown away or given to an op-shop.

    Recently I've been knitting. I'm most of the way through knitting a blanket with wool that I have had for over a year. The wool was meant for a jumper I was going to knit, but I feel I would never get around to knitting it (or, if I do in future, I can buy more wool then, rather than it taking up heaps of space while I am just thinking about using it). I also knitted slippers by unravelling another old project that I was never, ever going to finish. I think this counts as being thrifty. I'm also trying to make more space by getting rid of UFOS and old materials. I have so much junk! But it is only junk because it is not being used. I plan on turning my trash into treasure :)

    Good luck with your goals, too. It was very generous for you to give away a working machine, and I'm sure it was very much appreciated

  5. Marianne is such a wonderful person! I haven't had much of a chance to do any sewing on my new machine. I was just finishing up sewing the handles on a bag when my Brother machine froze up entirely. My husband took it to the repair shop & they wanted more to fix it than what I had paid for it brand new. That was when Marianne came to my rescue! She actually delivered it and set it up for me! What a gal. Thank you Marianne!


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