Thrifty Thursday

There is usually a want list that goes along with any collection. For the past 6mths+ there have been only 2 specific sewing machines on my want list a Singer 500A which I got and featured on last weeks Thrifty Thursday post and the Singer 301 generally referred to as the big brother/sister of the featherweight. Well my collection is complete (as complete as any collection can get LOL)!
This is the 301 I bought off Craigslist recently, I had been keeping an eye out for a while but Ebay's prices are too expensive and last time I bought a sewing machine on Ebay, Fedex lost it! And I have never seen one of these in the wild locally at thrift or antique stores. I paid $90 which is waaaay cheaper than most 301s are advertised for.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. Congratulations on "completing" your collection! It sounds like you got a real good deal on it!

  2. Congrats! I've been reading your sewing machine collection posts with interest. I started keeping an eye on my local thrift shops these past few months and just yesterday, I found a Singer 221-1 and purchased her! She runs and is in overall good condition. One decal is slightly worn off. I think I'll take her in for a service before doing much sewing, just to be make everything is working correctly.

  3. Looks great Marianne! I just bought a 301 on eBay. I'm not as good as a bargain hunter as you because I am too impatient!


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