Number 13

I found this Singer 403 in Goodwill recently for $25. She goes well but the cabinet is in need of refinishing:

See the veneer peeling off on the right, the top of the cabinet has almost none left

So I took her out of the cabinet to use her as a tabletop machine for now:

But she'll go back in the cabinet eventually once I refinish it. At the moment the cabinet is in the corner of my sewing room with all my scraps, rulers, scissors etc sitting on it. This is where I previously had a small folding table, which I was able to fold and put back in the sewing closet to take to retreats.

I can even fit a sewing machine underneath it for storage which is great the folding tables legs prevented me from doing that!

So I am eager for suggestions on what color to paint this cabinet??

Here are some images from google I like:

Adventurous Quilter

Turquoise is my favorite color atm so I like this one but am not sure it'd look so good with a tan machine!

Not a sewing cabinet but I adore the color!

Black or charcoal would be nice
I love pink! But maybe a bit ostentatious!

I think the red would go well with the tan machine??

Anyway I will probably not be refinishing this for a while so I have time to think it over...


  1. Love the turquoise and reds especially! (Red is just so hard to paint with) See ya soon!

  2. another sewing machine!!! wonder if you have decided on a colour yet, I like the turquoise but not so sure if it is right with the tan, maybe a dark tan would work?

  3. I think charcoal would look real nice with the tan machine.


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