Whimsical Wednesday

I started the day by doing a couple of hours housework so when I got to the sewing room, which had turned into the dumping ground all week, I decided I was going to do something I wanted to do on a whim, not urgent but fun!

So I pulled out the bits and pieces of sewing I had done last week at a sewing class taught by Rita Hutchens famous for her Totally Tubular Strip piecing philosophy. The class was gruelingly technical  and geometrical but the blocks/borders we could create were great. Although I think the techniques are clever I doubt I will do much with it atm, so I decided to just throw all the bits and pieces together into one lap quilt top just to use them up. Here it is:

Yes each of those colorful parts is pieced:

Most of those pieces are 1.5" wide or less, so there are over 520 pieces in this little lap quilt. Now you might understand why I just wanted it finished!

Rita's techniques are quick and effective but I don't like lining up points and tiny piecing, so I'll go back to what I love.

You can see I gave up trying to align points and just threw this together to use up the cut fabric!

I have no idea how I'll quilt it but that is a problem for another day LOL

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