Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Double stitching, double strength...?

 My quilts are actually used and I expect them to hold up to the constant use of a machine washer and tumble dryer as well. Occasionally however I get this:

And I usually unsew the section and resew to repair or I re-inforce with invisible thread.

But the last few quilts I have made have been baby quilts that I expect to be heavily used and frequently washed. So my current solution is to double stitch the seams:

Yes every seam!! I'm not sure if it'll help in the long term, but only time will tell...

This is my turquoise and green dog lap quilt:

I'm making this one just for me, because I loved the fabrics. My challenge with this quilt was to miter the corners on the second last border to allow the print to continue around the corner.

I've never done this before and didn't have a pattern or directions to follow, I just gave it a go and it turned out well. I can't wait to quilt this one!! It should be really cute. This quilt ended up 42" x 42" perfect for a summer lap quilt. Henry the Cockapoo does always love me to have a quilt on my lap for him to sit on :)


  1. that mitred corner is perfect, I am struggling with my corners and they do not have a pattern to match. Double seams will strengthen, do use use cotton or poly thread, I read this morning that the poly thread is much stronger but I have been using cotton now not sure what to use.

  2. You did a great job on your mitered corners! I like those colors together!

  3. You quilt is adorable. It too like the colors and esp. the pups in the center! Mitered corners, I haven't tried, but sure like the result!