Hexies and Bulk Buy Bags

I am trying to avoid starting a new quilt because Tuesday next week I will be travelling to Australia for 10 days and I hate to be mid-quilt when I'm away.

So yesterday I cut a few hexies:

Okay maybe more than a few but it is a 16hr flight from Dallas to Brisbane!!

And this year I am determined to refresh my stash by using up fabrics that are leftovers I doubt I'll use again, fabrics that are not to my liking or not quilt quality fabrics or donating them to the Green Bag Lady Project. So today I sewed some bags for myself. This time i wanted to make 'bulk buy' bags. You know for going to Costco and Walmart and stocking up on the bulk items like bathroom tissue etc. I have plenty of smaller reusable shopping bags to carry around in my handbag for when I purchase an item or two but hadn't made many large ones.

Here's one it's 22" wide and 19" deep.

Because I don't have a serger I do french seams and ensure the selvage is my rolled down top hem whenever possible.

My handles are pressed folded like bias tape and then top stitched on both sides to secure it and give it strength:

So yesterday and today I made 10 'bulk buy' bags and two smaller bags.

So that should ensure all my groceries get down the steps to my apartment easily in future! And it made a lot of space in my fabric storage closet, but boy is there still a LOT of fabric to sew!!