Thrifty Thursday

This week I have a couple of thrifty finishes:

Small 'Scrappy Houses' throw quilt:

I tried wavy lines quilting. It's okay but I don't love it.


And a larger version of my "Scrappy Houses' throw quilt.
Back to meanding FMQ on this one

I also quilted my dog quilt yesterday, most of the fabric in it was purchased on sale for $5 per yard or less so it isn't quite as thrifty but it is still somewhat thrifty and it is gorgeous!

I tried thread basting for the first time and it was pain because my darning foot kept getting tangled in the thread, so I'll go back to pin basting!!!

I tried double stitching to attach the binding to my quilt back before folding over to topstitch it down. I've had a few issues with fraying in this area on other quilts and I'm hoping the double stitching will reinforce the fabric and prevent fraying.

I used a turquoise thread on the top and a white thread in my bobbin when quilting. It worked out perfectly.

I adore this backing! I actually chose all the other fabrics just to go with the backing LOL

I don't usually work with such vivid colors but I ADORE this finish. Turquoise is my favorite color and I love dogs so this one is allllllll mine.

I quilted and bound all of these yesterday so it was a big day but it's great to make some space in the sewing room again!


  1. Oh that dog quilt is stunning. The greens and turquoise and baby blues look great together. Graet job on getting all three wrapped up! They all look awesome!

  2. I love your doggie quilt. It's so bright and fun!

  3. I love your finishes!! That doggie quilt is just adorable---I'm owned by two wienie dogs :). The house quilt is one that I must must must make. :)

  4. I like the quilting that you did on your "Scrappy Houses" throw quilt. The turquoise thread that you used for the top and white for the bobbin really looks good. Love your doggie quilt!

  5. all of them look great, but the dog quilt is awesome

  6. what spoilt dogs! lovely quilt. Also like the other 2, you have been busy these last few adays


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