Paper Pieced Barn

This project has been in my design software for a while because of the complexity of the pattern. But I decided to go ahead and make it anyway just for me.

And it turned out well:

It looks simple I know! But getting that outer row of white around the barn and the white cross for the door  is a challenge. After making this prototype I made some adjustments to the pattern so it was marketable in my Craftsy store. I think this prototype is better, but it'd be impossible to explain in a pattern how I put it together. The final published pattern was a compromise that will work.

I have also got my 2nd scrappy house quilt half done, I'm doing this one slightly different, it has 16 houses then between the two blue borders I'm doing an improv pieced scrappy border.

Just one border left to add.


  1. Your barn really looks great! I still haven't done any paper piecing, but I will some day. I like your little houses and the pieced scrappy border looks nice with them!

  2. The barn is adorable and I love the border on the houses!

  3. I just love your color sense
    LeeAnna visiting from Vals

  4. The post for our Farm theme this week at Tuesday Archives!! It's so perfectly done....I hope ya get the directions worked out....and I really like the grey inner border with the big scrappy border on your houses...good balance.

  5. Great scrappy the paper pieced block!!

  6. This lloks amazing. I am impressed.


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