A sewing machine for a buck!

I have been looking at this 1974 Bernina sewing machine in a local Goodwill shop for 3 weeks:

It was priced at $100 so I didn't buy it, because there are no guarantees we can get these old machines to work and so $100 is too much of a gamble. Then last week it was 50% off purple tags and it was a purple tag, so I was even more tempted, but since I have 14 machines in my apartment I thought I'd better leave it there.....


Friday evening I remembered that one of the Goodwill staff had mention in passing that Saturday was a 99c sale day for purple tags! And so at 9am Saturday morning hubby and I were at the door waiting and the machine was still there!! So after tax this sewing machine cost me $1.06.

Hubby still has to oil it etc, but it does work.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. Holy Moly! You find the best deals!! (Although I'm sure you are completely sane with 14 machines! LOL)

  2. What????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How very awesome....loved the pic of you walking out of goodwill with it in hand....it's like you're saying: "oh yah!"

  3. Way to go! I guess you will have to say that you have 15 machines now! You really found a great deal there, especially since it does work and your hubby will oil it up and check it all out for you!


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