Teen Machine

I was so excited when I was home in Australia to find out that my mum still has the sewing machine she bought me at the local second hand shop when I began to learn to sew! My Grandmother had it for a few years but once she passed away it was returned to mum.

The machine I learned to sew on!

It is a Singer 99k in a bentwood box. It is in the best condition of any old Singer I've seen, almost like new. Mum's keeping it for me, yahoo!


  1. I love that you are going to get the machine you learned to sew on Marianne! I've been using my featherweight lately and it's been fun!!

  2. That's a really pretty little thing! I'm sure that you were really excited when you saw her.

  3. how good to see she has kept it, will cost a bob or two to ship it home though.


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