Thrifty Thursday

I had a great time in Australia last week visiting family. I even went thrift/op shopping with my mum who also loves it. Here she is with a tray mobile she bought (the Aussie equivalent of a Cosco cart):

And here's me a few months ago buying a Cosco cart in Missouri:

I think my thrifting is genetic!?!


  1. I love your new blue Alco machine and am insanely jealous (ha ha). You've got yourself a wonderful find! I wish modern machines came in colorful options more often.

    I have been looking over your posts and see that you must be a collector. You and Cheryl from the Quilter's Garden group are putting ideas into my head that I need to collect some too.

    1. A vintage machine or two is always worth grabbing when they are cheap especially if they have the bobbin, bobbin holder & manual. I always plug them in before purchase and make sure they run smoothly if possible. Most of my machines were around the $30 price I don't pay more than that anymore, some earlier purchases were $50 and my most expensive vintage machines were both $350 and I adore them but there are soooo many cheap machines around you don't need to spend a fortune to start a collection. And they are so decorative too

  2. Your new machine is beautiful! And yes, I think that your thrifting is genetic...I know mine is (it came from my mom, she was the first one to ever introduce me to a flea market and thrift stores...and now, I'm hooked). :)

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has a genetic predisposition to thrifting .

  4. another machine!!! I never see buys like this, I think our charity shops put them on ebay and ask for much higher prices. Now know where you get your thriftyness from good old Mum


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